We build lasting relationships with our customers and shareholders, by constantly improving our services and by growing our activities
Through an extensive use of IT systems and mobile technologies we aim to provide customer-friendly, high-quality financial services in the most efficient way.
Offering simple and competitive financial products to our customers is one of the key element of our proposition.
The vast majority of MSEs, lacking adequate access to credit worldwide, are based in Asia. By providing suitable credit products, we aim to unlock their potential.

CreditAccess Asia provides suitable financial services to Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE) in India and Southeast Asia (Indonesia and Philippines) to unlock their potential. We attract funds globally and provide working capital loans and other basic financial services to our customers in our countries of operations. Our service model seeks to create long term relationship with our customers through a `doorstep´ approach, underpinned by innovative technologies, to deliver efficient and customer-centric financial products catering for their entire business lifecycle.

Over time our scope of operations has increased to reach 2.6 million customers, accumulated € 726 million assets and have a net-loan portfolio of € 651 million (Annual Review FY 2017/18)


Read our Annual Review FY 2017/2018