Leveraging our experience and proven model, we will continue to grow our operations in the next three years and target to gain 6 million customers by year 2020.

Our Vision and Strategy

The vast majority of MSEs, lacking adequate access to credit worldwide, are based in Asia. This region is often identified as having the highest potential for strong financial sector development. Around 70% of the lower income population in South and Southeast Asia does not have access to formal financial services. The unmet credit needs of a significant number of MSEs further emphasises the potential for development of the financial sector in the region.

The largely untapped market in South and Southeast Asia forecasts solid economic growth and houses around one third of the world’s population, thus, providing an exciting potential business opportunity. By utilising funds sourced from our investors and lenders, who seek financial and social returns, we are able to create and implement suitable financial services for MSEs.

We believe we can achieve our vision of being the market leading multinational financial services company for MSEs in India and Southeast Asia by maintaining our accelerated growth through our four interlocking strategies:

  1. Products and services proposition strategy: Keep proposition relevant for micro and small businesses to stay ahead  of competition.
  2. Operating model enhancement strategy: Further enhance local operating models through effective people management, efficient operational processes, use of innovative technologies and quality data management.
  3. Capital and debt funding strategy: Expand and diversify the sources of funds from equity and debt markets.
  4. Non-market strategy: Cooperate at industry level, in all operating countries, to improve the regulation and recognition of our industry with the goal of industry  risk mitigation.

We have set ourselves a medium term (year 2020) target to:

  • Service 6 million Customers
  • Maintain a Retention Rate above 80%
  • Generate greater than € 2.5 billion total Loan Portfolio