Our aim is to provide financial services in a way that will add value for all stakeholders in a balanced way.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company we are sensitive about the well-being of our clients, employees and the local communities where we operate. Our aim is to provide financial services in a way that will add value for all stakeholders in a balanced way. To accomplish this, we strive for the highest level of transparency, integrity, fairness and professionalism in everything we do.

Responsibility as part of our core business
Throughout the Group we adopt internationally recognised client protection principles. These principles guide all employees in conducting our core business of providing responsible financial services to our clients. Integrating this set of principles in our daily operations supports us in building constructive long-term customer relationships while adding value to our clients and other stakeholders. These principles include:

  • Identifying appropriate product design and delivery to ensure the products are well tailored to our clients’ needs
  • Ensuring that clients are able to carry the loan and can use it to their benefit preventing any possibility of over-indebtedness
  • Implementing fair pricing policies that take into account the company’s financial sustainability as well as affordability for clients
  • Adopting financial transparency by disclosing and explaining to clients all terms and conditions of the financial products we offer them
  • Establishing efficient mechanisms for complaint resolution to provide to clients the mean to express their feedback or complaints

Socially responsible initiatives
In addition to adding value by offering access to financial services; we also provide additional benefits to our clients and their families through specific socially responsible initiatives that are undertaken directly by our Group companies. The overall aim is to help clients of the Group to improve their standard of living.

Currently these social initiatives are most advanced in India where we have been active since the establishment of our Group. In the medium-term we aim to add non-financial services to the product range of our operations in all the countries where we are active. Below we illustrate how our Group companies Grameen Koota and Equitas Holdings in India support their communities.

Grameen Koota
Our Group company Grameen Koota supports its clients to improve their standard of living by supporting initiatives that encompass:

  • Water and sanitation awareness, by launching initiatives focusing on rain water harvesting and watershed techniques, the importance of drinking clean water and the importance of proper sanitation.
  • Child education, by providing awareness on non-traditional education topics that are not covered in regular school syllabus focusing on the age group of 6 to 16. The topics chosen for this program are: Child Rights, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, Financial Literacy, Waste Management and Environment.
  • Poverty alleviation, via initiatives that identify and support the weakest members of society from extreme poverty by obtaining access to mainstream development programmes and to establish sustainable livelihood improvement.
  • Skills development, by conducting entrepreneurial workshops and special education and employment enhancing vocational skills especially among women, elderly and the differently abled and livelihood enhancement projects

Grameen Koota has decided to contribute a five percentage of its profits to an independent Trust to manage in an effective manner its socially-responsible activities. In the last three years, the contributions of the Company have led to the great results outlined below:

Social Initiatives FY 14-15                      Cumulative              
Sanitation units supported 109,009 184,904
Water connections supported 56,252 98,769
Energy efficient cook stoves supported 86 9,677
Family members currently enrolled under health insurance 110,600 N/A
Members and spouse currently covered by life insurance 1,495,075 N/A
Topics covered under awareness raising program Jag ruthi 48 185
Members currently trained under awareness raising program Jag ruthi 881,932 N/A
 National pension scheme enrollments 20,073 51, 947


Equitas Holdings

Equitas Holdings has always stood committed to the economic and social development of the communities where they operate. Over the years they have taken a number of initiatives in this regard, spread over the fields of education, medical relief, skill training etc. During the last seven years, Equitas has played a significant role in this area, as the data set out below, clearly shows.

Similarly to Grameen Koota, Equitas took the decision to contribute a certain percentage of its profits to an independent Trust managing the company’s socially-responsible initiatives.

In the seven years since its own launch, the Company has started and now manages five schools through its Trust, for children belonging to low-income households. In addition, the Company manages what is arguably the largest medical services programme by any Corporate in India, organizing various health camps offering free eye check-ups, free dental check-ups, as we all general health and hygiene camps. The Company also offers Health Helpline services to provide cost-effective, timely and good treatment to clients and their families.

The table below summarizes the exceptional number of individuals who have benefited from these initiatives.

Social Initiatives Beneficiaries FY 14-15 Beneficiaries Cumulative
Health Camp 845,205 2,880,725
Skill Training 44,462 368,221
Food Security 70,977 176,199
Job Placements for unemployed youth 15,869 33,309
Health Helpline 2,153 18,966
Telemedicine 3,884 15,353