Our aim is to provide financial services in a way that will add value for all stakeholders in a balanced way.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility as part of our core business

Throughout the Group we adopt internationally recognised customer protection principles. These principles guide all employees in conducting our core business of providing responsible financial services to our customers . Integrating this set of principles in our daily operations supports us in building  constructive long-term customer relationships while adding value to our customers and other stakeholders. These principles include:

  • Identifying appropriate product design and delivery to ensure the products are well tailored to our customers’ needs
  • Ensuring that customers are able to carry the loan and can use it to their benefit preventing any possibility of over-indebtedness
  • Implementing fair pricing policies that take into account the company’s financial sustainability as well as affordability for customers
  • Adopting financial transparency by disclosing and explaining to customers all terms and conditions of the financial products we offer them
  • Establishing efficient mechanisms for complaint resolution to provide to customers the mean to express their feedback or complaints

Socially responsible initiatives
In addition to adding value by offering access to financial services; we also provide additional benefits to our customers and their families through specific socially responsible initiatives that are undertaken directly by our Group companies. The overall aim is to help customers of the Group to improve their standard of living.