Group Committees

The Group Board is able to make informed decisions due to the support and recommendations of the following committees:

  • Audit & Risk Committee monitors (via the Group Risk Oversight team) and reports to the Group Board the most relevant outcomes/risks in the operating companies and interacts with the external auditors during the Group audit process.
  • Members: Joel Epstein (Chairman), Koen Slobbe, Francesco Moccagatta, Olympus Capital Asia (Observer).
  • Compensation and Remuneration Committee evaluates the compensation policies at Group level, including stock option plans and directors┬┤ compensation policy, and submits its recommendations to the Group Board for its approval.
  • Members: Koen Slobbe (Chairman), Daniel Mintz, Federico Carini.
  • IPO and Finance Committee drafts the strategy toward the IPO of the Company, to be eventually approved by the Group Board and Shareholders. Additionally, it reviews the Group debt funding strategy, monitors the implementation of it and informs the Board of progress and key issues
  • Members: Daniel Mintz (Chairman), Els Boerhof, Francesco Moccagatta, Paolo Brichetti.
  • Business Committee supports the drafting of the Annual Business Plan of CreditAccess Asia B.V.; the Group Strategic Plan and the drafting of any extraordinary investment/divestment proposal or hi-level business strategy option which may arise during the year outside the standard timeline (all plans to be approved by the Board).
  • Members: Paolo Brichetti (Chairman), Daniel Mintz, Giovanni Siccardo, Joel Epstein, Els Boerhof, Federico Carini (permanent invitee)

All committee members┬┤ profiles are available under Board of Directors.