Position: HR Professional (2-4 days per month)

Company: CreditAccess Asia NV(CAA)

Location: CAA headquarters in Amsterdam

Reporting To: CEO of the Company


Job Summary: 

The HR Professional will be in charge of managing employee relations such as contract renewals and updates, deal with all employee related insurances such as advising on insurance coverage for expats and all activities related thereto, other ad-hoc tasks such as the implementation of an efficient HR framework, lead the development of pension scheme for local employees and other tasks the CEO requires.

Broad Roles and Responsibilities:

AREA 1: Onboarding

  1. Be the contact person of recruitment agencies in the recruitment process.
  2. Manage the hiring process by drafting the job description, organizing the first round of interviews, and drafting the employment agreement.

AREA 2: Employee Relations

  1. Manage contract renewals and updates.
  2. Support the CEO and manager in preparing annual reviews and benchmarking.
  3. Maintain and manage HR folders.

Area 3: Insurances

  1. Manage all employee related insurances and all activities related thereto.
  2. Advice on insurance coverage for expats.
  3. Manage travel insurance policy as well as all related activities.

Area 4: Ad-Hoc

  1. Prepare HR guidelines and HR templates.
  2. Support the CEO and Managers in drafting and periodically review employee related policies.
  3. Lead the development and implementation of a solid, enhanced and efficient HR framework.
  4. Lead the development of pension scheme for local employees.

Manage the IPO Incentive Scheme and communications.


  1. A 5 to 8 years’ experience in established private companies in the HR sector;
  2. Excellent verbal and written communication in Dutch and English.
  3. Excellent ability to develop efficient HR frameworks.
  4. Flexibility to be in the CAA headquarters in Amsterdam 1 to 4 days per month.