More than 130 million people in Indonesia are estimated to be without access to formal financial services. Especially MSEs have limited possibilities to obtain adequate funding to finance their growth.
Through our local brand, Bina Artha, we offer access to financial services to individuals from low-income households who run their own businesses.

Operations Indonesia

CreditAccess entered the Indonesian market in 2012. We selected Indonesia as it is the fourth most populous country in the world and considered one of Asia Pacific’s most vibrant democracies, achieving significant economic growth in the past yearsThe financial sector, however, is relatively underdeveloped and the country is considered significantly underbanked. 78% of the Indonesian population , around 199 million people , are considered unbanked, making it one of the largest unbanked countries in Asia. The Indonesian financial market presents unique differentiation elements versus its Asian peers; A younger population, a limited credit penetration and a steady GDP growth are supporting the development of the financial market.

We have successfully grown our greenfield operations over time to be one of the largest Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC) in Indonesia, operating through our trading name PT Bina Artha Ventura (local brand Bina Artha). We provide specialised financial services to MSEs (predominantly women), who do not have, or have limited access to, funds from the formal financial sector. Our product range is tailored to be relevant for each customer segment, such as, Micro Business loans, Small Business loans and Sanitation loans. We are a fast growing NBFC in Indonesia with a vision of serving 1 million customers by the year 2020 in the local market.

Facts and Figures (as of 31 December 2017):

  • Second largest NBFC in the Indonesian MSE lending market
  • €39.3 million Total Assets
  • €31.4 million Outstanding Loan Portfolio
  • 296,919 Customers
  • 285 Branches in 2 states:
    • Java
    • Sulawesi
  • 2,555 Employees