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CreditAccess Grameen Limited

CreditAccess has been active in India since its launch in 2008. We selected India as one of our first target markets, due to the large unmet demand for financial services, resulting from financial exclusion, and high potential for economic growth. The major reasons for financial exclusion are poverty, low income, financial illiteracy, high transaction costs and lack of infrastructure. Consequently, a significant proportion of India’s population still does not have access to formal banking facilities.

Market opportunity, size and position

Over time we have grown to be one of the largest Non-Banking Financial Company – Micro-finance Institution (NBFC – MFI) in India, operating through our trading name CreditAccess Grameen Limited. (local brand Grameen Koota), focused on providing loans to MSEs, led by women, in predominantly rural areas. Our wide range of lending products address the critical needs of our customers throughout their lifecycle and include Income Generation, Home Improvement, Children’s Education, Sanitation and Personal Emergency loans. Additionally, we also provide complimentary services, such as, Business Development training, Financial Literacy promotion and basic Health/Nutrition education. We believe this wide range of products and services, our well-designed product delivery and collection systems have enabled us to achieve high customer retention rates and low credit costs.


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Micro businesses, self-employed households, often women who operate retail shops, sell agriculture or handcraft products or provide commercial services, earn USD 5 - 10 per day and mostly live in rural areas (81% of our customers)

Small businesses: formal household businesses, or small scale enterprises, with mostly income over USD 500, and a more solid collateral base compared to micro business customers, which typically cannot offer hard collateral or undergo the tedious administrative process requested by banks


Income Generation Loans (group lending methodology) USD 215 – 715 - Emergency Loans USD 15

Family Welfare Loans (festivals, medical, education and livelihood improvement) USD 30 - 215

Home Improvement Loans (water connections, sanitation and home improvement) USD 70 – 715

Small Business Loans (individual lending methodology) USD 150 – 7,100

Other financial services, such as pensions and insurance products

CreditAccess Grameen Limited

Udaya Kumar
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
B.R. Diwakar
Chief Finance Officer
Gururaj K S Rao
Vice President of Risk
Gopal Reddy
Vice President of Operations
Arun Kumar B
Vice President of Information Technology
Anshul Sharan
Vice President of Strategy and Planning
Srivatsa H.N.
Vice President of Operations (Karnataka & Tamil Nadu Operations)
Vice President of Human Resources
Syam Kumar
Company Secretary and Compliance Officer
Vishwanath Bhat
Vice President, Individual Lending
K.N. Nagananda Kumar
Vice President, Centralized Operations


Working for CreditAccess means working in a dynamic and international environment. We are a rapidly growing company that combines professional business conduct with strong social values.




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