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CA-Indonesia (PT Bina Artha Ventura)

CA-Indonesia, established by CAA in 2012, provides specialised financial services to micro and small businesses, which do not have, or have limited access, to the formal financial sector. It is a fast-growing Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) with a vision to be the preffered business partner of Indonesian households lacking access to formal credit, enriching their lives by providing convenient and reliable solutions, matching their evolving needs.

Market opportunity, size and position
Most of the Indonesian population are considered unbanked, making Indonesia one of the largest unbanked countries in Asia. The Indonesian financial market presents unique differentiation elements versus its Asian peers. A younger population, limited credit penetration and a steady GDP growth are supporting the development of the financial market. Bina Artha is one of the largest NBFC in the Indonesian micro and small business lending market.

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Micro businesses: self-employed households, often women who operate retail shops, sell agricultural or handcraft products, or provide commercial services, earn USD 5 – 10 per day and mostly live in rural areas

Small businesses: formal household businesses, or small-scale enterprises with monthly income over USD 500, and a more solid collateral base compared to micro businesses, which typically cannot offer hard collateral or undergo the bureaucratic process requested by banks


Micro Business Loans (group lending methodology), ranging from USD 250 - 700

Small Business loans (individual lending methodology), ranging from USD 500 – 3,000

Sanitation loans for the construction of proper toilets

CA-Indonesia (PT Bina Artha Ventura)

Board of Directors

Anand Raghavender
Director/Chief Executive Officer
Sakti Hoedoyo
Jaya Fatwa
Director / Chief Human Resources Officer


Neksi Triwidiyanti
Quality Assurance and Business Support Head
Valentina Purnomo
Chief Financial Officer
Surya Agung Meranga
Distribution Head
Antonius Ison Desi Satriyo
Individual Lending Head
Miki Suryawan Muharram
Internal Audit and Control Head
Adi Saptono
Business Excellence Specialist
Dendi Fairyanto Gunawan
Information Technology Head
Sikkat Adisaputra
Central Processing Unit Head
Mohamad Iqbal
Organization Development Head


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