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Iyar is a Group Lending client of CreditAccess Indonesia (Bina Artha in the market), with a successful business story. The difficult financial situation of Iyar’s parents was her motivation to start a business. The family needed her support to provide necessities and thus, she decided to establish her own business.

Iyar has operated a warung (small family owned business) since she was a teenager in 1985, with a modest initial working capital of IDR 200,000 to run the business. Iyar has met significant business challenges, but she has been resilient, and her business is now moving from strength to strength.

Iyar was intent on growing the business even further, and applied for a loan from CreditAccess Indonesia. The loan was used to increase stock for the warung. Since availing of CreditAccess Indonesia’s financial products her business has expanded significantly. Income from her warung has increased healthily, making a successful business and enabling Iyar to provide quality education for her children.



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